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Mol Ecol 07
The molecular ecologist’s guide to expressed sequence tags



Heredity 07
EST-SSRs as a resource for population genetic analyses

Cross-species analysis

Nature Genet 02
Microsatellites are preferentially associated with nonrepetitive DNA in plant genomes
Genome Biol 06
Distinct patterns of SSR distribution in the Arabidopsis thaliana and rice genomes
Euphytica 06
Homologous analysis of SSR-ESTs and transferability of wheat SSR-EST markers across barley, rice and maize
Theor Appl Genet 07
Identification, characterization and utilization of EST-derived genic microsatellite markers for genome analyses of coffee and related species
BMC Plant Biol 07
Frequency, type, and distribution of EST-SSRs from three genotypes of Lolium perenne, and their conservation across orthologous sequences of Festuca arundinacea, Brachypodium distachyon, and Oryza sativa
Theor Appl Genet 06
Cross-species transferability of G. arboreum-derived EST-SSRs in the diploid species of Gossypium
Mol Genet Genome 06
SSR mining in coffee tree EST databases: potential use of EST–SSRs as markers for the Coffea genus

Repeats in protein sequences

Genomics 07
Highly constrained proteins contain an unexpectedly large number of amino acid tandem repeats

Microsatellite evolution

Bioessays 06
The rise, fall and renaissance of microsatellites in eukaryotic genomes
MBE 04
Microsatellites Within Genes: Structure, Function, and Evolution