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East Lansing Public Library

We have established a partnership with Sylvia Marabate (Director), Julie Pierce (Head of Adult and Children’s Services), and Mary Hennessey (Young Adult Coordinator) of (ELPL) to develop activities aiming to enhance the general public’s understanding of science, evolution, and genomics using our research projects as examples.

East Lansing High Schools


  • Improve the general public's understanding and awareness about:
  1. Process of science
  2. New development in biological science: genomics

Why are we doing this

The importance of this type of partnership is well supported by the conclusions of a recent NSF publication on the public attitudes toward science and technology (National Science Board, 2004). The public in general is not familiar with the process of science and is mostly unaware of new developments in science, such as genomics. These statistics suggest that an outreach program focused on the process of science and the prospects of genomics will be an important “grass-roots” effort to improve science literacy.


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